Summer Dangers

With the weather heating up and summer quickly approaching, here are some dangers to be aware of during the summer period.


All pets should have access to fresh, clean water all day despite the temperature. Portable water bowels or bottles are available to purchase to take on car rides and walks when needed.


Remember to stick to walks in the cooler times of the day; early morning or late evening, and limit the length of time that exercise is performed. Common symptoms of heatstroke include: lethargy, dry and red gums, and loss of consciousness. Special consideration should be applied for all brachycephalic breeds, such as pugs, boxer and boston terriers, as they are at high risk of heat stroke.


It is important to never leave your pet in the car, even if it is just a short visit to the supermarket. The temperature inside the car can soar to extremes when parked, which in turn affects your pet.

Bee or insect stings

It is important to be aware of your surroundings when visiting dog parks or other areas, as bees and other insects are out and about. Common symptoms of an bee or insect sting/bite are: swollen area around face and neck, salivation, scratching at the area, and difficulty breathing (severe symptoms). Please call us immediately if you suspect that this has occurred.


Sidewalks, especially asphalt, are known to become quite warm during the summer months, and your pet can be at risk of burning their paw pads on walks. To avoid this, place the palm of your hand upwards on the ground surface and test the temperature of the sidewalk. If it is too hot for you, its too hot for your pet! Remember to stick to walks in the cooler times of the day; early morning or late evening.

For further information about these, please feel free to call the clinic on 9307 2122.