Winter Wonders: Staff News & Heartwarming Patient Tale!

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter! As the chill of winter settles in, we’re delighted to share some heartening stories from our clinic. First, join us in celebrating Dr. Kymberley’s upcoming maternity leave—a time of joy and anticipation as she prepares to welcome a new addition to her family. We would also like to introduce our new nurse Paige, who joined our clinic a few months ago. Lastly, we’ll delve into a case study highlighting successful arthritis management in one of our cherished patients. These tales of warmth and healing encapsulate the spirit of compassion and dedication that defines our practice. So, cosy up and enjoy this winter edition with us!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news: Dr. Kymberley will be embarking on a new adventure as she prepares to welcome a new addition to her family! She’ll be taking some well-deserved maternity leave to cherish these precious moments from the end of June. Dr. Kymberley has been an invaluable member of our team, bringing her expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication to the care of your furry companions. While she’ll be dearly missed during her absence, rest assured that our clinic will continue to provide the same exceptional level of care and attention in her absence. Join us in sending our warmest wishes to Dr. Kymberley and her growing family during this special time. We can’t wait to welcome her back when she’s ready to return to her passion for caring for your beloved pets. 

Many of you would have met Paige, a dedicated veterinary nurse with a passion for client care. With experience since March 2022 and armed with a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, she’s been an invaluable addition to the team since October 2023. Paige thrives in reception roles, where her warmth and professionalism shine, ensuring every client feels heard and supported. Off duty, she’s an avid mini-golfer, adventure enthusiast, and devoted pet parent to her beloved fur baby, Charlie.

Meet Tushi, an 11-year-old male neutered cat who recently visited our clinic with matted fur. His case sheds light on a common yet often overlooked issue in senior pets: arthritis. Owners may not readily recognise the early signs, such as decreased grooming leading to tangled hair and reluctance to jump onto furniture. With cooler weather exacerbating symptoms, it’s crucial for pet owners to stay vigilant, especially during the winter months. Tushi’s journey towards relief began with a joint supplement regimen, resulting in a visibly happier feline who’s resumed his grooming routine and is now back sitting on the couch! For more severe cases, we also offer injectable treatments tailored to manage arthritis effectively. Tushi’s story underscores the importance of proactive arthritis management in senior pets, ensuring they enjoy a comfortable and active life for years to come.

As we wrap up this winter edition, let Tushi’s tale and Dr. Kymberly’s impending joy serve as heart-warming reminders of the love and care that define our clinic. From all of us at Delahey Veterinary Clinic, may your winter be filled with warmth, joy, and the comforting presence of your beloved furry companions.

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