X-rays for pets are invaluable for examining bones, evaluating the chest and assessing the abdomen.

We use the latest digital x-ray technology

Digital x-rays are best for your pet. This is because we need to take fewer x-rays to obtain a good quality image, meaning less stress and time in the clinic for your pet. You will also be able to receive a digital copy of your pet’s x-rays and we can forward these on for specialist assessment if required.

X-rays are not just for broken bones!

We often perform x-rays to screen the heart and lungs for disease, while x-rays of the abdomen can diagnose ingestion of foreign objects and give us valuable information about the size and shape of abdominal organs.

In breeds which are prone to inherited problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia, we recommend x-rays before breeding to ensure these conditions are not passed on.


Depending on what area needs to be x-rayed, your pet may require sedation on the day of the x-rays. We can discuss this with you, when your pet is booked in, in case fasting is required prior to the test.